How many pictures will we receive?

You will be able to choose as many digital images as you like from an online gallery.

How soon will I receive my gallery after my session?

You will receive your gallery within 2 weeks for your session. These images will be mostly edited, once I receive your chosen favorites, I will do any needed final edits. After I have finished edits, you will receive a downloadable file.

What’s the best time of day to have a session?

If shooting outdoors, 1-2 hours after sunrise or before sunset is best. This ensures we get good lighting and avoid any shadowing from the harsh mid day sun. For in home sessions we will plan a mid day time to shoot in the home.

Where will our session take place?

I have several beautiful locations that I will suggest once I have a better idea of your desired look. You are more than welcome to suggest a location if you have one in mind.